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Geisha Bird Poop Facial (60 mins)

Our Nightingale Bird Poop Geisha Facial is a very effective and rare facial treatment that originated in Japan. Japanese Nightingale Bird Poop is a very important commodity in ancient Korea. However, ancient Koreans only use the bird poop in removing stains from their clothing. These knowledge was passed on to the ancient Japanese but they thought, “if the bird droppings can remove stain in my kimono can it also remove discoloration from my face?” thus heralding the use of bird poop as a facial treatment. They started using bird poop to remove heavy make up and eventually noticed that their face are becoming clearer, pores are getting smaller, discolorations and blemishes are disappearing and the skin gives a unique glow. Women suffering from acne also noticed that no new pimples appear after they started using the mask and that their acne and blemishes disappears in just a few weeks. News of the new miracle facial treatment spread like wildfire in ancient Japan and became popular amongst Geisha’s.

Uguisu facial

Uguisu Facial Treatment

The expensive droppings are collected from the highly prized nightingale bird in Japan, which is then left to dry under a UV Light then crushed into a powdered form. It has been collected in specialist nightingale farms in Japan for centuries, and now the power of the poo has found its way to the West and has been harnessed for use, in sanitized powder form.

Bird Poo / Nightingale Facial?

The bird poop facial works because of an enzyme that breaks down the dead skin on the upper layers of the face. The nightingale poo acts as an exfoliate that brings out the dirt and dust that builds up in the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed. In addition, it is thought that the bird poo contains guanine, which actually occurs in pearls. Because of this ingredient the bird poop facial leaves people feeling that their skin has a healthy shine to it*.

Victoria Beckham is believed to be a big fan of this more unusual anti-ageing facial.

Bird poo facial
What will happen?

After cleansing and opening the pores with steam a non-needle derma roller is massaged onto the face to improve blood circulation and collagen production using ancient techniques from Japanese medicine.


This is followed by a vacuum suction massage to bring the blood to the surface of the skin for facial rejuvenation.


A mask then applied with the mixture Night­ingale bird poop powder and rose water. Followed by an LED (light-emitting diode) mask is placed over the face, delivering low level pulses of light to activate skin cells and help with anti-ageing. Skin in rejuvenated, bringing a much brighter healthier complexion*.


This geisha facial treatment combined with techniques of Japanese medicine is exclusive to VIVO Clinic.